Technical Specification

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Backing Biaxially Oriented polypropylene Film
Adhesive Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Based Acrylic
Total Thickness  40µ 43µ 45µ 47µ 50µ 54µ 65µ
Film Thickness 23µ 23µ 25µ 25µ 28µ 28µ 40µ
Adhesive Thickness  17µ 20µ 20µ 22µ 22µ 26µ 25µ
180 Peel Adhesive
(ASTM D 3330)*
450g/in 490g/in 520g/in 540g/in 560g/in 620g/in 730g/in
Holding Power  
(ASTM D 3654)*
5 min 5min 10min 10min 20min 20min 20min
Tensile Strength   
(ASTM D 3759)*
14kg/mm 7500 0.06%
(ASTM D 3759)*
0 0.00
Initial Tack (JIS Z0237) <70mm <60mm <50mm <50mm <35mm <35mm <35mm
Total Thickness Allowance : 2 microns
*Data represents the minimum value from the results of a series of tests.
Storage Conditions:  Store in a dry place.Temparature of 25 C 2 C and 55%,5% relative                                    humidity is recommended.


Safety/Environmental Information:
MSDS Class  Hazard Ratings
Health 1 Minimal
Fire 0 Slight
Reactivity 0 Moderate
VOC N/A Serious


All properties are approximate and are based on tests believed to be reliable and performed in conformance with recommended test methods. These values are presented for comparison purposes and do not represent a guarantee by the manufacturer. It is suggested that purchasers should test,prior to use, the suitability of this product for their particular application.